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  • What happens if I have a maintenance emergency?
    Someone is on call 24 hours a day to handle emergencies. For maintenance emergencies, call (651) 348-8895 and select option 0 for emergency. For non-emergency issues, login to the Tenant Portal and submit the issue under the Maintenance Request tab there.
  • Can I have a pet?
    Residents may not keep any animals or pets of any kind in the apartment without the prior written permission of management staff. If you have an unauthorized pet in your apartment, you are at risk or forfeiting your security deposit and/or of eviction. Your guests should not bring their pets into the building. If you have an approved pet, please remember: Approved pets must not violate the noise policy. Residents are responsible for any damage to the apartment, building or grounds caused by their pet. Residents are responsible for proper disposal of pet waste. Pets in common areas must be kept on a leash at all times. For our complete pet policy, click here.
  • Who pays for what utilities?
    Your rent (in most cases) includes heat, water, trash and recycling services (only applicable to apartments and not houses). You are responsible for paying electricity and stove gas (if applicable) through Xcel Energy or Centerpoint. If you choose to have a phone, internet, and/or cable television, you would pay for those too. The contact numbers for the various utilities are: 1-800-895-4999 Xcel Energy (electricity/stove gas) Qwest (telephone/DSL-internet) 1-800-244-1111 Comcast (cable/internet) 651-222-3333.
  • Can I have guests at my apartment?
    Yes, you are allowed to have guests at the building, but please be considerate of your neighbors. Remember that you are responsible for your guests. Only the person or people listed on the lease may live in the apartment. If your guests will be staying more than 4 days per month, you must obtain written permission from management.
  • Can I add someone to my lease?
    Yes, they must pass a background check and meet all of our rental requirements. Prior to moving in, anyone who wishes to move in with you must submit an application and be approved by management. 
  • Can I sublease my apartment?
    Subletting your apartment is not allowed.
  • Can I remove my roommate from the lease? 
    To remove a tenant from your lease, all renters must consent to the termination. If all parties agree that the tenant should be removed from the lease, management will consider the request.
  • Am I required to have renter’s insurance?
    You are not required to have renter’s insurance but it is highly recommended. Building structures, outdoor areas, and common areas are insured by the general building policy but individual units and possessions are not covered by this policy. A renter's insurance policy repays the renter in the event of a loss. Theft of property and/or loss resulting from a fire or damage can all be covered under a renter's insurance policy. Many people mistakenly think that a landlord is responsible for restoring damaged possessions or property stolen from a rental. The landlord’s policy covers the building and liability for events that happen outside the rental dwelling(s). The tenant is totally responsible for everything that happens inside the apartment. This means that if someone is injured inside the apartment or sues the renter, only the renter is liable.
  • How do I give proper notice for move-out?
    We require a 2 full calendar month notice when moving out. It must be received (not sent) on or before the last day of the month, 2 months before your move-out (see below). Written notice should be sent to: Email: Mail: 1564 Selby Ave #9, St. Paul, MN 55104 All residents must be completely out of the apartment and turn in their keys no later than 12:00 PM (noon) on the last day of the lease. If you have not vacated or have not turned in all keys by noon, there may be a late charge. It is important that the apartment is completely cleaned before you leave to ensure a full security deposit refund. It is your responsibility to make proper arrangements to have your mail forwarded and to disconnect all utility services. You also need to give Management your forwarding address.
  • What happens on move-in day?
    Prior to you Move-In Verify your move-in day and time with management. Contact the utility companies that you are responsible for. You can find the utilities that you are responsible for on your lease. Setup a mail delivery service to your new apartment Day of your Move-In Make sure you have paid your full security deposit and first month's rent. We cannot give you the keys to the apartment until rent is paid in full. Do not prop doors open for extended periods of time because we want to keep our buildings safe and secure. Management will meet you at the property you are renting on the agreed-upon date and time to hand over the keys to your new home!
  • What happens if I pay rent late?
    The rent is due on the first of each month. We charge late fees for rent payments received after the fifth of the month.
  • What if I have a noise complaint?
    We want to foster a clean, quiet community. Please respect your neighbors and the building. Management and your neighbors have no tolerance for loud or unruly partying noise. If you are experiencing problems with a neighbor, we encourage you to first communicate with your neighbor. Feel free to contact management for further assistance. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am during the week and 11 pm to 9 am on weekends.
  • What happens if there is a snow emergency?
    All residents should sign up on their city's website to get snow emergency information via text or email. If you live in Saint Paul, you can use this site. For 24 hour snow emergency information, call (651) 266-PLOW (7569). Plowing Parking Lots (where applicable): All residents parked in lots need to move their cars if it snows more than 2 inches. We will always give notice when plows come to clear your lot. Our plow service comes between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Make sure to have your car out of the lot until the plowing is done. Shoveling Sidewalks/Stairs: Management is responsible for clearing snow from building sidewalks and stairways.
  • How are mail and package deliveries handled?
    You are responsible for setting up mail service to your apartment. We do not accept packages or check mail on behalf of residents. Management is not responsible for packages or mail left in the entryways and hallways. Residents should make arrangements before delivery to either be available to receive the package, pick it up from the station, or have it delivered to a more convenient location. For Amazon deliveries, consider using an Amazon Locker located inside the Whole Foods at the corner of Selby Ave. and Snelling Ave. UPS, FEDEX, and other carrier services do not have access to our buildings. Please schedule your package deliveries accordingly. You can always include your phone number with your delivery address. The office cannot accept packages on behalf of a resident. If you are going to be out of town, make sure to put your mail on hold before you leave. It is free and takes about 30 seconds to have your mail held while you are gone. Just click on this website:
  • When does my security deposit get returned?
    Your security deposit will be mailed to your forwarding address within 21 days after you have moved out and turned in your keys. Please be sure to provide a forwarding address to management. Your security deposit refund is subject to the provisions listed in your lease and final walk-through. Damage to your apartment and not properly disposing of large items will affect your security deposit refund. However, ordinary wear and tear to your apartment is expected during the time of your occupancy and will not affect your deposit refund. The following list illustrates the difference between ordinary and extraordinary wear and tear. Management will use this list in determining the return of your security deposit. Ordinary Wear and Tear Faded, peeling or cracked paint Minimal nail holes, pin holes or cracks in wall Minimal floor wear Damage beyond Ordinary Wear and Tear Unclean apartment Gaping and/or multitudes of holes in walls or doors Scratched, gouged or stained wood floors Door ripped off of hinges or missing Broken windows caused by slamming, neglect, or improper A/C installation Missing, ripped or damaged screens Missing fixtures Water damage to walls or windows due to improper use Clogged/damaged toilet or sink Appliances not cleaned (stove, refrigerator, etc.) Extra cleaning, painting, or removal of stains or odors, including pet and tobacco stains/odors Extra charge for improper removal/disposal of large items (furniture, mattresses, etc)
  • Can I smoke in my apartment?
    You may not smoke anywhere in the building, including your apartment. All of our properties are smoke-free (non-smoking buildings). When smoking outside of a property, please remain at least 30 feet away from the building to prevent smoke from going into windows. Please do not smoke near open windows. ​ Due to the risk, we do not allow the use of candles or incense in our building.
  • How will we contact you?
    Primarily, we communicate with residents by email, using the email address provided during the application process. Notifications and reminders are also sent via text message.
  • What is a CRP (Certificate of Rent Paid)?
    CRP stands for Certificate of Rent Paid. It is a form residents of apartments receive each year, at the end of January, from their landlord. The form shows how much they paid in rent the prior year and what percentage of their rent qualifies for a potential Minnesota property tax refund. To qualify for the refund you have to meet certain income and residency requirements. You have until August of the following year to submit the property tax refund form (M1PR) with your CRP form. Click here for more information on the State of Minnesota's website.
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